A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

a training game for learning Love2D framework

About my game

NEGATIVE SPACE is a board game for two players made with LÖVE (aka Love2D) framework.  Inspired by "Three Hundred Mechanics" website

How to play

Player 1: WSAD, Player 2: arrow keys

The game's goal is to reach the finish tile going down the paths designed for each players. The game ends when one of the players reaches the finish tile.

Used libraries and code

For my project I used following libraries:

  • gamestate.lua: gamestate library from hump collection by Matthias Richter

  • SLAM: Simple LOVE Audio Manager by Matthias Richter

And also:

Install instructions


Unzip and double-click game.exe


I built OS X version, but I'm not sure it'll work (I don't own a Mac). Eventually install LÖVE and run .love file (see "Running Games https://love2d.org/wiki/Getting_Started)


Install LÖVE and type in terminal

love /home/path/to/game/

or double-click the .love file


negative_space.zip 3 MB
NegativeSpace.love (LOVE installed required) 348 kB
NegativeSpace.app.zip 5 MB

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